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The Digital Square in Spain


See the True Flavour of Ronda Right Here

“The body of Ronda provides us with an urbanism armed with diverse architectural styles which is essentially pure and intrinsically beautiful. This same body to which we refer also gives us a unique natural environment where the visitor does not feel like a tourist but a traveller who enjoys the[…]

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The Perfect Holiday Combo in the Mediterranean

14 Days / 15 Nights

“The Moorish influence on the culture of Spain, Portugal and Morocco will be clear throughout this journey, but the differences that make each country so distinctive also stand out. Experience the Trafalgar difference as you travel through these three magnificent Mediterranean countries uncovering the hidden treasures and insider experiences along[…]

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The Best 7 Day Bike Route Across the Pyrenees

6 Night / 7 Day

[unitegallery PyreneesCycle] “This best 7 day bike tour across the Pyrenees offers a  panoramic view of the Girona’s region. Enjoy peaceful valleys, high cliff-top towns and it’s architecture, plus the Garrotxa Volcanic Zone, with almost 40 volcanoes blanketed in greenery.  And then as you bike further north relish in the[…]

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A Fun and Unique Exploration of Barcelona

[youtube id=”9YJMxunUjZU” align=”center”] “Explore the fabulous city of Barcelona in a totally unique way – The Storytelling Car!  Easy to drive, our funky yellow cars are the fun way to discover this amazing city.” ~ GoCar Barcelona [unitegallery gocarbarcelona] GoCar is an innovative and fun way to sightseeing. There is no[…]

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The Most Unique Drink Recipe Ever


“Red for Ferrari, for passion and for gazpacho. There’s only 3 minutes left for the big race and I say… Vamos Alonso! What a beautiful day today! What do I crave for when summer gets closer? A good vacation… for example a cruise along the Mediterranean Sea; I also crave for[…]

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Golden Triangle

How to Tour the Golden Triangle of Andalucia

“Follow in Sultan’s footsteps as you explore 3 diverse and historic cities that make up Andalucia’s Golden Triangle.  Sevilla, Cordoba, and Granada are recognised by UNESCO, and each with their own preserved Mudejar wonders, and other highlights ready for you to discover” ~ Casas Cantabricas  [unitegallery GoldenTriangleAndalucia] The Classic Tour[…]

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Adventure Highlights

Best of Broome & Kimberley Coast, Western Australia

4 Night / 5 Day

[unitegallery WesternAustraliaBroome] Exotic, extraordinary, adventure and luxury can all be found on a fly-stay trip to the tropical pearling town of Broome. It’s home to one of the most beautiful beaches and the largest pearls in the world. It’s where natural phenomena create the Staircase to the Moon and Horizontal[…]

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Urban Vogue & Culinary Highlights

Game of Thrones, the Awesome Movie Tour this Year

8 & 1/2 hours

[unitegallery BritMovieTourGameOfThrone]  “Now into its sixth season Game of Thrones has attracted a huge fan base globally with its incredible stories, characters and landscapes. This tour which complements our Games of Thrones Tour of Northern Locations with Giants Causeway visits some of these great landscapes located south of Belfast.” ~ Brit Movie[…]

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whisky tasting

The Most Popular Whisky Tasting and Masterclasses


[unitegallery Penderynwhiskydistellery] [youtube id=”5nE003HK4rA” align=”center”]   “Guests can take a journey through the history of single malt whisky making in Wales! See Penderyn distilled before their eyes and enjoy a selection of Penderyn products in a well-stocked bar. Open all year-round, the award-winning Visitor Centre is one of South Wales’s top[…]

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Wildlife Highlights

Black Mamba Snake Kills & Swallows a Mouse


[youtube id=”hsnCV_FnYQM” align=”center”] [unitegallery LatestSightingsBlackMambaMouse] On 10 January, latish Sunday afternoon, Nelene Prinsloo and her family were about to depart the Letaba Rest Camp, Kruger National Park. When, her husband became aware of movement at a nearby palm tree. “What’s that?”, he questioned. Hurriedly, they scurried closer! And it is[…]

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Zebra Escapes the Jaws of 2 Crocodiles


[youtube id=”weRkHOaXWQ8″ align=”center” mode=”normal”] I anxiously watched as this zebra struggled with the sturdy jaws of a crocodile. In all probability the fate of the zebra is not promising. And perhaps not because of the inflicted wound to the zebra, but rather because of the nature of the bush, owing[…]

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Latest Sightings

Latest Sightings: Elephant Calf Versus Birds


[youtube id=”kIy5aiRdtrc” align=”center”] What can I say other than, “This little elephant calf shared via Latest Sightings has captured the hearts of many around the globe as the clip hit millions of views in no time at all. And personally I am guilty of being unable to stop watching it”.[…]

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Festival Highlights

mountain yoga festival

The First Mountain Yoga Festival in St. Anton am Arlberg Austria

4 Days

[unitegallery AustriaYogaGallery] “Martin Steixner will allow visitors to immerse themselves in the Soul Motion Dance and a lovely bazaar with selected products from the local region and beyond will complete the program.” Yoga, Nature and Socialise at its Finest! The European Yoga Scene would be unimaginable without the presence of Patricia[…]

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Experiencing the Hindu Elephant Immersion Festival

[youtube id=”yl9UmZpUX70″ mode=”normal”] One of the many colourful festivals of India, Ganesh Chaturthi is an ode to the God of wisdom, prosperity and luck- Lord Ganesh. Elephant God, as I like to call him, is said to come down on earth to bless one and all and to give mankind[…]

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Bali Spirit, The 8th Annual Festival

[unitegallery BaliFestival] The 8th annual Bali Spirit Festival, a global celebration of yoga, dance & music is maintaining its reputation as one of the top festivals in the world. Offering rejuvenation and inspiration to all who enter its tropical grounds, this Bali festival invites some of the world’s greatest instructors[…]

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Sea & Beach Highlights

Kosi Bay

Kosi Bay, Ancient and Colourful Traditions

[unitegallery KosiBay]  In December of 1999, The iSimangaliso Wetland Park was recorded as a World Heritage Site (WHS)! Amidst this region of high conservation, black stitched seams zigzag across a sequence of shimmering interconnected crystal blue lakes. The name Kosi Bay means a true miracle and wonder, and accurately defines[…]

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Ponta do Ouro A Soulful Frontier Beach Town For The Outdoor Enthusiast

[unitegallery Ponta] Some 500 years ago ‘Sao Gabriel’ the flagship of Vasco de Gama’s armada sailed the turquoise seas of the Indian Ocean.  Through cruel conditions and craggy coastlines, these fearless men navigated dangerous voyages in unchartered waters. It is here aboard this carrack with its gentle sloping bow, square-rigged[…]

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Ultimate Powder Rush

The Best Tips for Getting the Ultimate Powder Rush

“Chris Rogers, South African film maker and GoPro Ambassador talks the ultimate powder rush and putting the perfect winter holiday in place Do you know your ‘duck-footed’ from your ‘nose-bonk’? If you do then snowboarder, pro film maker and GoPro Ambassador Chris Rogers is surely one of your heroes. Chris[…]

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Junior Freeride Tour Verbier Ski Diary


[unitegallery CombeVerbier] February, the beginning of the Junior Freeride season in Verbier, Switzerland! 46 competitors were announced, and this equation accompanied by fog, rain and little snow equalled tough conditions! The evening prior the competition started off on a good note, inside of the small and cozy Dzardy’s Bar &[…]

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The 100km/h windsurfing mission

[unitegallery RedbullSailing] Windsurf icon Björn Dunkerbeck is on his way to Namibia. The half Danish-half Dutch giant’s objective? Breaking the windsurfing speed world record on a 500m course. In this exclusive Q&A with the Newsroom, he explains why he thinks it’s possible – and how he wants to break the[…]

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