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Crescent Falls, Canyons and Hiking Trail Options

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Crescent Falls, a double tiered waterfall along Big Horn River offers visitors breathtaking views, as seen in the gallery.

Crescent Fall’s Hiking Trails:

Crescent Fall’s Big Horn Canyon ranks as a popular venue during the summer months, and also offers hikers great trail opportunities: Siffleur Falls, Crescent Falls, Hoodoo Creek, Kinglet Lake, Two O’clock Ridge, Vision Quest, Windy Point Ridge, Allstones Creek, Allstones Lake, Ice Falls Loop, Coral Creek, Coral Ridge, Big Whirlpool, Cline and Coral Canyons. It is bear country, therefore please take the necessary precautions! And for those with an interest in astronomy it is classed as a number 1 on the bortle scale, a nine-level numeric scale that measures the night sky’s brightness.

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