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Limpopo 4X4 Safari Chef Experience

Intrepid adventurer and chef Derek travels through wild Africa highlighting conservation, wildlife, gourmet and bush cooking at the “Chef’s Table”.

Cuisine is stylishly served in the most unlikely of places on rugged 4X4 adventures through the spectacular and untouched wilderness of Africa. Chef Derek –a charismatic cook enjoys preparing and creating style in the midst of the jarring terrains…

Access to some of the camps in the Limpopo is adventurous and may require 4 wheel drive vehicles while others can be conveniently accessed with an ordinary vehicle.

The smallness of these camps, which all have only 10 beds each, make them intimate and exclusive. This allows for a very personalized experience, where Limpopo camp schedules can be customised to suit guests’ preferences, and friendly staff attend to the needs of guests, who usually leave as friends and sure to return.

Although camps can be individually booked, very interesting Limpopo tours can be put together along the African Ivory Route by combining two or more of these camps.

Limpopo 4×4 Safari Chef Experience presents …

African Ivory Route 4x4 Culinary Tour

Day 1 / Fundudzi
The ancient heritage of Limpopo is best discovered in and around Fundudzi! Here you set up base camp for two days: head out to fertile valleys and modern tea estates. Return to base camp for dinner/braai .
Day 2 / Fundudzi
Visit Lake Fundudzi & the legend of "The White Crocodile". When approaching the lake, your first view should be between your legs. According to legend, the crocodiles are also inhabited by spirits, and at one time one of the crocodiles was white. This is followed by a 4X4 trail up the mountain pass. and were presented with the legend of ‘The White Crocodile” and then onto a 4x4 trail up the mountain
Day 3 / Mutale Falls
Today you depart Fundudzi and head onto Mutale Falls. En route visit the "Holy Mountain"; the legend of the 'white lion' is included. Following this you proceed to Tshatshingo Potholes and also enjoy a swim in the waterfall area. Once refreshed you depart for Mutale Falls which is quite a difficult 4X4 trip to navigate. Arrive at tented camp and enjoy dinner on the deck overlooking the Limpopo River.
Day 4 / Matule Falls
Head out early morning up a 4X4 route to the ”Gorge”, the highest point in the area with an incredible view. Spend the afternoon swimming at Matule Falls!
Day 5 / Matalue Falls
On your final day enjoy the early morning on a walking trail with Edwin [birding expert] identifying birds, including: pink-throated twin spot, Cape battis, lanner falcon, jackal buzzard, fish eagles. Many of the +-713 birds can be identified on game drives including +- 400 just from the sound/singing, and +- 200 of the Latin /scientific names are also known [this is a must for bird lovers].

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