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“The body of Ronda provides us with an urbanism armed with diverse architectural styles which is essentially pure and intrinsically beautiful. This same body to which we refer also gives us a unique natural environment where the visitor does not feel like a tourist but a traveller who enjoys the landscape as an adventure.

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The natural environment of Ronda is simply spectacular. Beauty, harmony and balance with Mediterranean flora and fauna that provide continuous surprises for visitors, who experience a range of emotions whilst viewing new landscapes and animals.

This town in the Málaga region sits on either side of the Tajo del Ronda, a narrow gorge more than 150 metres deep. Its old town has been declared Property of Cultural Interest. Celts, Phoenicians, Romans and Arabs all inhabited these lands, which were reconquered by the Catholic Monarchs. The historic quarter, reminiscent of the Arab age and with a medieval layout is scattered to the south of the Guadalevín, while more modern Ronda, the part which sprang up after the 16th century, unfolds to the north of the course of this river. Several bridges unite the two halves of one of the most interesting towns on the route of the whitewashed Villages, in the heart of the the Ronda hills, only a few kilometres from the Costa del Sol.

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There are activities for all ages and abilities, offered by accredited businesses including: hiking, rock climbing and via ferrata (iron pathways), canoeing, canyoning – gorge walking, caving, multi adventure and ecoroutes 4×4 with experts who take you through the Serranía in search of flora and fauna. A countryside where you can see Griffon vultures on rocks drying their wings, amongst the other 200 species of birds in the area, or the fragile beautiful orchid or the Tertian forests exclusively of Spanish Fir.

At any time of the year these places present inimitable spectacles. Authentic concerts of light, aromas and natural sounds of the unpredictable forests engage and envelop us everywhere. A natural environment, without doubt, is a beautiful fiesta for the senses. There is always something to see and do. You can find adventure or tranquility.

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There are various archaeological references and documents that attest to the long tradition of Ronda as the land of vines and wines. The coins of the Iberia Roman town of Acinipo (47-44 AD) feature a cluster of grapes, without doubt demonstrate the importance of the vine in the economy of these communities. The wines of Ronda (Denomination of Origen Wines of Malaga) are the ideal complement for local and other cuisines. More than 20 existing vineyards make extraordinary reds, rosés and whites that are available on the menus of the ma- jority of restaurants in Ronda.

In Ronda, the best olive groves are combined with the best extraction techniques! A pure olive oil is obtained with low acidity, golden with light tones of green, with an intense fragrance and a wonderful taste. A real “Dorado” for the Serrania.

It is with reason then that Ronda occupies a place in prose and verse, in the imagination and in the memory of celebrated artists and anonymous. It is because it is a city with soul, a soul that permeates like a long-lasting perfume to all who have known it. A soul that is an elaborate synthesis in every corner, of all the customs and all the people of Andalusia.

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