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The Most Unique Drink Recipe Ever

“Red for Ferrari, for passion and for gazpacho. There’s only 3 minutes left for the big race and I say… Vamos Alonso! What a beautiful day today! What do I crave for when summer gets closer? A good vacation… for example a cruise along the Mediterranean Sea; I also crave for good food and wine without having to prepare it myself in the heat of the kitchen, and I also long for a fresh and revitalising gazpacho!” ~ Spanish Recipes by Nuria

Watermelon and Tomatoe Gazpacho Shots

Firstly, for those of you from parts of the world that are not familiar with gazpacho, lets quickly explain. Gazpacho is a summer favourite of Spain, and is a typically cold soup made from raw vegetables with a tomato base.

There’s no cooking involved except for the mussels; which takes what? 5 minutes? That’s nothing! You only need to remove seeds, peels, and cut all of the ingredients into smaller pieces. Then blend the watermelon and tomato until you get a fine texture and add the rest of ingredients on top… there you are! Easy, isn’t it?

Ingredients: Serves 4

1/2 a watermelon
8 ripe tomatoes
1/2 a red pepper
1/2 a kilo of fresh mussels
5 fresh mint leaves
Extra virgin olive oil
Few drops of jerez vinegar
Pinch of salt
1 green onion
1 can of lumpfish roe
  • Clean and cook the mussels .
  • Remove the seeds and peel from both the watermelon and tomatoes.
  • Blend and let stand in a big bowl.
  • Add olive oil, vinegar, diced mint leaves, salt to the bowl and mix together. Let stand in the fridge.
  • Wash and remove the seeds of the pepper. Cut in dices.
  • Clean and cut the onion.
  • Prepare the shots with the bowl gazpacho (watermelon & tomatoes), and add remainder ingredients on top – mussels, roe, onion and pepper.
  • Serve

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