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“La Rioja reminds one of wine, even in its name! Its geographical location on the Ebro Valley, its climatic conditions and the makeup of the soil have turned it into a privileged area for growing grapes. The passage of time has created a particular local culture based on making and ageing wine, and turned the people of this land into true masters in this skilful art.” ~ La Rioja Tourist

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La Rioja, in the north of Spain, is synonymous with wine. This is where their most internationally recognised wines are produced. These exquisite wines are the product of centuries of tradition; they enjoy great standing and will captivate all those who taste them. Because wine in La Rioja is not just a drink, it embraces a whole culture, deeply rooted in this land of vines and wine cellars.

A trip through the region will be enough to convince you how far the region’s existence is bound up in the wine culture. To discover this world of aromas, colours, nuances and sensations is an experience not to be missed. And La Rioja is the ideal place to set off on this journey into the world of wine.

Family Boutique Winery

Visit a family boutique winery and enjoy wine tours to discover the property, along with top quality wine tastings. There are also typical products available such as cheese and charcuterie tastings. There is a wine shop and bar to enjoy along with 10 wines available (2 whites, 1 rosé and 7 red). You will have a harvesting experience, small photography exhibition all in the relaxed atmosphere of this winery.

At Bohedal it is all about producing fun, approachable wines that can be enjoyed at any moment, in any company. Bohedal will never be the biggest winery in the world; but nor would they want it to be. The winery believes strongly in the quality of their wines, the lands and skills at getting the very best out every one of their grapes is key. The winery was created in 1917 when Don José Bezares “El abuelo Pepe” inherited some of the vineyards that supply the winery. Three generations later Bohedal continues in the same vein as their ancestors to enjoy wine and enjoy life to the full.

Situated in Cuzcurrita de Río Tirón on the westerly extreme of D.O.Ca Rioja, this winery produces roughly 100,000 bottles of red, rosé and white wine from 40-120 year old Tempranillo, Viura and Graciano vines. Every bottle produced is a crafted ancient tradition with the latest modern wine-making advances.

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